Tinashe Makes Headlines Again After Revealing Her Personal Phone Number To The Internet

Tinashe Makes Headlines Again After Revealing Her Personal Phone Number To The Internet
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Tinashe is back with a bang. The diva and dancer has dropped a new music video for the song, “Die a Little Bit,” featuring British rapper Ms Banks.

The 26-year-old shows off some sexy hairstyles, sexy body as she dances in a club while singing: "Drink, smoke, dance, vibe a little bit. F@ck, change, ride, die a little bit.”

Tinashe, who is set to drop Songs for You , said this about the independent project: “Creatively, I just feel like I needed to go through what I went through in order to be the person that I am today and to get back to my roots. You pretty much put your heart and soul and emotions into all these songs, and then you put them out there for the world to judge and tear down and pick apart. It’s terrifying, and it can really mess with your head.”

While most people -- especially those in prominent positions -- tend to be very secretive about details like their phone number, it looks like Tinashe does not really mind drawing some extra attention to herself in a controversial manner.

She recently decided to post her own personal phone number on Twitter for the whole world to see and apologized in advance for not replying to every message she got.

Some doubted that the number belonged to her, but the singer wanted to reassure everyone that it was indeed her own number, and she had no qualms about sharing it with the world.

She managed to prove that she was the owner of the number in the end, but not before many accusations came in.

Some of her fans even joked about the situation, claiming to be writing love letters and other hilarious comments.

Some just took the opportunity to ask her random small questions, such as what her Instagram page looked like, and whether it was more special than that of the average person.

Others tried to get their hands on some exclusive music tracks but to no avail.

The singer still tried to joke with everyone who approached her in a comical manner, though, and it looks like most people managed to have a lot of fun with the situation.

However, it is not clear if Tinashe is planning to keep her number after this incident.

It is possible that the singer may have decided that she has had enough direct interaction with her fans for the time being.

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