Tinashe And Mario Spark Romance Rumors - 'Rent' Co-Stars Photographed On Romantic Dinner Date

Tinashe And Mario Spark Romance Rumors - 'Rent' Co-Stars Photographed On Romantic Dinner Date
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Is this a new couple people can start obsessing over or not? Tinashe and Mario were caught by the paparazzi during what seemed to be a romantic date prior to Rent: Live airing on January 27.

As you may know, the two co-star on the show and it looks like they took a break from the rehearsals to have dinner at Craig’s.

Also earlier that same day, Tinashe and Mario were with their Rent: Live cast-mates at FOX’s Rent Sing-Along YouTube event.

Did they feel like having some intimate time just the two of them later on?

It definitely looks like it since they decided to enjoy a romantic dinner date in the evening.

Of course, nothing is confirmed at this point!

After eating, they left the restaurant together and the PDA was pretty minimal but that could also be because they are in the beginning stages of their relationship.

The female singer looked great in animal-print pants, a pair of pink heels, a neon-blue sports bra and a duster coat over it.

Tinashe accessorized with a bag that matched the pants’ print and let her hair down.

As for her makeup, she rocked a bold and fun green eyeshadow but left her lips nude.

Mario, on the other hand, was more reserved looking in a pair of olive green pants, brown button-down, and cream jacket.

His footwear was composed of a pair of white sneakers.

In Rent: Live, Tinashe will be playing Mimi Marquez, a dancer who is struggling with addiction issues.

Meanwhile, Mario’s character, Benjamin Coffin III, is the landlord that is looking for the main characters’ rent.

Are you looking forward to watching it or not? Also, do you think the co-stars are dating?

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