Time's Up Wants Investigation Into Gabrielle Union Firing From America's Got Talent

Time's Up Wants Investigation Into Gabrielle Union Firing From America's Got Talent
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Gabrielle Union's firing from America's Got Talent has been all the rage in the media headlines for the last couple of days. Time's Up, the women's advocacy group that wants to promote gender equality in the entertainment industry, is looking for a full investigation into the network's handling of the situation.

Since her firing, many big-named stars tweeted out their support to Gabrielle Union claims a report from Variety. Earlier, those who had worked on the set of the reality series described it as a "toxic environment." Gabrielle was terminated last week.

The starlet reportedly complained to the network on a number of occasions because of the supposed ill-treatment of particular minority groups. Time's Up, the aforementioned organization, thanked the Bad Boys alum for "speaking up for what's right."

Patricia Arquette, the Oscar-winning actress, referred to the incidents in question as "terrible," and added that Gabrielle shouldn't' be punished for pointing out what is right in the workplace. Arquette asked for the SAG-AFTRA to get involved as well.

Reportedly, Union has been a member of the union for over twenty years. Earlier this week, it was alleged by multiple outlets that Gabrielle had complained about Simon Cowell's cigarette smoking indoors, which Union struggled with on account of her purported allergy. She later complained to the fire marshall.

Moreover, Ellen Pompeo, the star of Grey's Anatomy on ABC, tweeted out another message in which she excoriated NBC for the supposed cultural problems at the network. As it was previously reported, Union took to her Twitter account last night to thank all of those people online who offered her support.

Additionally, Union complained about a joke made by Jay Leno off-screen, which she then complained about to NBC. The joke purportedly was regarding Asian communities. The actress also claims she was told by producers that her continuous changing hairstyles were "too black." Four insiders told their story of alleged on-set discrimination to reporters from Variety.

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