Tim McGraw Says He Remembers The Exact Moment He Met His Wife Faith Hill

Tim McGraw Says He Remembers The Exact Moment He Met His Wife Faith Hill
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Tim McGraw is easily one of the most successful country artists to ever do it, however, there are some moments in his life, separated from his music career, that have really stood out to him in the aftermath.

One such moment is the day he met his wife, Faith Will, Today reported on Sunday. During a chat with the Today show, Willie Geist asked him about his latest record, Here On Earth, including one of the songs in which Tim says the reason why he's "here on Earth."

The 53-year-old father-of-three explained that it was the moment he met his wife. More importantly, the day he and Faith had their first child together, he realized all else he had ever accomplished up until that point "meant nothing."

Moreover, Tim touched on his wife's appearence on his latest record which just dropped on the 21st of August. McGraw explained how when he started touring and working with his wife musically, he noticed his records had improved.

McGraw went on to compare his relationship to Faith Hill musically as "NASCAR trying to keep up with an Indy car." He also says his wife tells him when he could perform better when they're on stage together. The country music artist says his wife makes him a better man.

Regarding their children, Audrey, Maggie, and Gracie, Tim said the older of the two is already done school, and their youngest is about to start college in the fall. Tim said it's a difficult thing to go through because one day your kids just grow up and they're gone.

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has caused additional problems and complications. However, Tim says when you're stressed out working in the music business, there are moments when one wants to just take a six-month break.

Ironically, once that was given to him, he realized how much he really loves to work. He said he hated being on a perpetual vacation. As most know, much of the entertainment industry was hit hard by the pandemic, forcing productions to shut down a nd artists to cancel their tours.

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