Tim Commerford's Wife Files For Divorce After 17 Years Together

Tim Commerford's Wife Files For Divorce After 17 Years Together
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Bassist from Rage Against The Machine, Tim Commerford, and his wife have officially called it off after approximately 17 years of marriage. In papers obtained by People Magazine, first reported by The Blast, Aleece Dimas filed documents in a court of law on the 28th of November in a Los Angeles County court.

In a statement to People, the legendary bassist wrote that he was saddened to announce he and Aleece had decided to split up. According to Tim, he and his wife thought about it for a long time, but ultimately decided it would be best for the both of them to just split.

He thanked his friends and family for supporting them during their challenges and changes over the years. Commerford and Aleece first got married in 2001, and the 50-year-old and his wife shared a home in Malibu, California, along with their children, Xavier and Quentin.

Reportedly, his soon-to-be-ex-wife is going for the jugular as well, so to speak, because she wants both physical custody of their kids as well as spousal support from Tim.

It isn't known precisely as to when they called it off for good, however, they filed the court documents on Wednesday, and wrote in them that their official date of separation was the day before.

Either way, it's a sad day for Tim and his soon-to-be-ex-wife. Unfortunately, splitting up after having children together is quite common in North America reports Fortune Magazine.

According to the business outlet, the relationship between two partners typically declines once children are introduced into the mix. Studies show that both parties' sense of happiness and satisfaction deteriorates as time goes by, despite the common cultural myth that introducing a baby into the relationship will bring them closer together.

The publication explains in their report, that couples begin a transactional and professional relationship, where each conversation is about the children and is more business-like than romantic. Over time, the spark is lost, and two lovers are now just parents. They stop doing all those little things for each other, and things soon turn sour.

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