Tiger Woods Golfs With Donald Trump Again On Thanksgiving!

Tiger Woods Golfs With Donald Trump Again On Thanksgiving!
Credit: Source: golfdigest.com

The day after Thanksgiving, President Donald Trump and Tiger Woods enjoyed some time on the golf course. As always, Trump was quick to tweet about it, saying that he fit a short game with Tiger and fellow golfer Dustin Johnson in between his domestic and foreign policy calls.

‘After Turkey call I’ll be heading over to Trump National Golf Club, Jupiter, to play golf (quickly) with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. Then back to Mar-a-Lago for talks on bringing, even more, jobs and companies back to the USA!’

As you may be aware, Woods and the President are actually close pals and have golfed together before.

For the golfer, this year’s Thanksgiving must be one of the better ones of his recent years as in 2009, just after his Thanksgiving meal, he infamously got into a car accident.

When the police showed up, they found out the sports star had crashed into a tree.

What’s more, they also found Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren smashing in his rear window with, ironically enough, a golf club!

Later on, it was revealed that Elin caught Woods texting mistress Rachel Uchitel.

The holiday ended with his cheating exposed and marriage crumbling completely.

The scandal ruined his whole career as well as his personal life, and it looks like ever since then, Tiger Woods has been caught in an inescapable downward spiral.

The last time Donald Trump and Tiger Woods were reported to golf together was just before Christmas in 2016.

Woods has also golfed with the previous President, Barack Obama.

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  • deadly
    deadly Nov 25, 2017 5:56 PM PST

    Just when you thought tiger woods couldn't sink any lower, he stands out as Trump's friend. Sad!

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