Tiger Woods And His Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Getting Along Great Following Massive Scandal In 2009

Tiger Woods And His Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Getting Along Great Following Massive Scandal In 2009
Source: GolfNews.net

Tiger Woods and his ex-wife, Ellen Nordegren, famously broke up back in 2009 after it was revealed in the media that Tiger had cheated on her with several women. After Tiger shamefully apologized to his wife and the world during an infamous press conference, Nordegren filed for divorce and received a $100 million divorce settlement.

The incident between the former couple became world-renowned when the recorded 9-1-1 call was made after Tiger crashed their SUV into a tree.

It was a humiliating altercation for the both of them, and Tiger's career as a golfer suffered notably. However, in the last year, Woods has managed to pull himself out of the gutter.

In addition to the professional golfer finally seeing a turn around in his career, his relationship with Elin has subsequently gotten a lot better since the 2009 scandal.

A source who spoke with People magazine explained, "Elin and Tiger get along great now; in fact, I would say they're even friends. They've both moved on with their lives."

The insider shared, "they're both doing what they have to do for their kids, and time heals all wounds you know? Elin is always praising him for being a good father too."

Back in 2015, Tiger sat down with reporters from Time Magazine and got candid for the first time regarding their split and reconciliation. Woods said that Elin was one of his "best friends," and they talked on the phone all of the time. It's all for the kids, and they do the best they can for them.

Moreover, Elin doesn't hold anything against the golfing pro, said the insider. Tiger is a phenomenal father, and she's happy to make everything work out between them.

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