Tiger King's John Finlay Silences The Haters By Showing Off His New Teeth As The Documentary Lands On Top Of Netflix's Rankings

Tiger King's John Finlay Silences The Haters By Showing Off His New Teeth As The Documentary Lands On Top Of Netflix's Rankings
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One of the most popular things to watch on Netflix during the numerous shelter-in-place orders around the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic has been the docu-series Tiger King , which tells the incredible story of Joe Maldonado-Passage (AKA Joe Exotic) and the GW Zoo in Oklahoma.

One of the stars of the series is Joe Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay, who worked at the zoo for 15 years. Throughout the seven episodes, Finlay gave his side of the story in interviews where he didn’t wear a shirt so he could show off his dozens of tattoos and give the series a little "sex appeal."

Finlay is easily one of the most popular characters in the docu-series, but fans on social media couldn’t help but make fun of his missing teeth. Finlay had noticeable oral health issues, which the series implied was the result of meth use.

Now that Tiger King is at the top of Netflix’s trending list after it’s March 20th release, Finlay has given fans an update on his teeth. It turns out, Finlay got his teeth fixed last summer and is now wearing dentures.

Finlay took to Facebook to shut down his critics by posting an updated selfie that shocked fans and silenced the haters.

“Yes I have my teeth fixed,” wrote Finlay in the caption of a photo that featured him with a perfect smile alongside his fiancee, Stormey Sanders. “The producers of the Netflix series had video and pictures of this, but chose not to show it.”

The comments immediately started pouring in, with one fan writing that Finlay’s teeth looked “amazing,” and another adding that the Oklahoma resident looked “handsome” before his teeth were fixed.

Finlay posted the photo on a Facebook Page he created titled “The Truth About John Finlay.” At first, fans weren’t sure it was actually Finlay’s page until he posted a video proving it belonged to him.

“Contrary to popular belief, this is my page,” he told the camera while holding a fishing pole. “All the media’s been great, but it’s time for me. I’m going fishing.”

During an appearance on Lights Out with David Spade , Finlay said he had to create the page because of all of the attention he has received since the docu-series premiere. He said that his teeth were bad not just because of meth use, but because of genetic reasons.

John Finlay also revealed that he was never married to Joe Exotic, and he was happy with his new fiancee and the child they have together. Finlay has also claimed to have not touched drugs in six years, and he would like Channing Tatum to play him in the movie version of Tiger King .

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness  is currently streaming on Netflix.

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