Tiger King Joe Exotic's Niece Is Spilling All The Tea — Orgies, Sex Acts On Animals And More Salacious Details

Tiger King Joe Exotic's Niece Is Spilling All The Tea — Orgies, Sex Acts On Animals And More Salacious Details
Credit: Source: Joe Exotic/Instagram

As the world has been left gripped by the unbelievably salacious lives of the Tiger King cast and Joe Exotic, his niece has come forward to dish on details not presented in the Netflix documentary. Chealsi Putman, 31, grew up spending time at her uncle's Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma (now operated by Jeff Lowe who was also in the docuseries) and not only has she witnessed things first hand —she has heard plenty of stories. Now, she's spilling all the tea to the Daily Mail and revealed that she also helped the F.B.I. track down her Uncle Joe and was instrumental in them finding and arresting him in Florida. Joe Exotic (born Joseph Allen Schreibvogel aka, Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage, is currently serving 22 years for wildlife violations and the attempted murder plot against Carole Baskin. He was transferred to the FMC Fort Worth prison, and Chealsi doesn't regret helping send him there.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Chealsi said that her uncle was much worse than depicted in the seven-episode docuseries that gripped the nation and left viewers wanting more. She stated that he used to freeze dead tiger cubs and would sell them to taxidermists.

She also said she heard about videos where people would perform sex acts on the animals at the zoo, though she says she never saw the videos herself.

Chealsi also revealed that Joe Exotic has an adult son named Brandon Chappell who is 38-years-old and father of three, making Joe Exotic a grandfather.

It wasn't just the stories of videos showing people performing sex acts on animals that Chealsi talked about. She said there were videos of Joe filming his partners having orgies with other men.

You may see the exclusive interview with Chealsi Putman and the Daily Mail below.

Have you seen the docuseries Tiger King ? What were your thoughts on the series? Some people have suggested that more people should be behind bars than just Joe Exotic.

Rumor has it that Tiger King directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin are putting together an eighth episode that will be similar to a live reunion show. Are you looking forward to seeing more episodes of Tiger King ?


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