Tiffany Haddish Slams Pregnancy Rumors Amid NYE Stand-Up Drama

Tiffany Haddish Slams Pregnancy Rumors Amid NYE Stand-Up Drama
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Fans have a lot of questions for comedienne and Night School actress Tiffany Haddish. Not only did she bomb so hard at a New Year’s Eve performance in Miami that people walked out of the show, but now fans have noticed some changes with her body, and some wonder if Haddish is pregnant.

Over the weekend, the actress posted a video on Instagram of the caped Michael Kors dress she wore to the Netflix Golden Globes after party, and added the caption, “Living my best life in my @michaelkors dress!”

Immediately, an Instagram user asked Haddish if she was expecting, and the actress responded with her signature sardonic wit.

“No. Just getting fat,” replied Haddish.

The 39-year-old has never had a problem with facing her critics head-on. When fans started walking out of her New Year’s Eve comedy gig, she decided to cut her set short and drink vodka with fans that stayed behind.

One audience member said that Haddish’s set was “hard to watch,” and her jokes were bombing so hard that she switched to asking people in the front row if they had any questions for her.

On Twitter, Haddish confirmed the reports of the unpopular performance, saying that it did happen and she wished things had gone better in Miami. She added that she prayed about it and had a strong feeling that it won’t happen again.

Other comedians defended Haddish’s disappointing show, including Kathy Griffin who wrote on Twitter that this is the price of fame when you are a comedian. The 58-year-old added that she is lucky that there wasn’t Snapchat or Instagram when she started out on her first big tour.

Griffin also said that Haddish is hilarious and an incredible talent, and she can’t wait to see a live show.

Haddish bombed in front of a sold-out audience at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, and after it became clear that her jokes weren’t landing, she told the unhappy crowd that her epic fail would be showing up on TMZ.

  Apparently, she forgot several jokes. And, the ones she did remember fell flat, and the audience responded with boos and heckling.  Haddish admitted that she had been out the night before, partying until 7 in the morning.

“F–k it,” Tiffany Haddish said. “I really wanted to talk about some stuff and can’t remember none of it.”

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