Tiffany Haddish Gets Advice From Mo'Nique As Fans Still Talk About Her Gorgeous Michael Kors Golden Globe Dress

Tiffany Haddish Gets Advice From Mo'Nique As Fans Still Talk About Her Gorgeous Michael Kors Golden Globe Dress
Credit: Source: HFPA

Tiffany Haddish stunned at the Golden Globes despite having a career bomb on New Year's Eve in Miami. If the fallout from the show is taking a toll on her, you wouldn't know it from the way she shined at the awards. Haddish wore a white, Michael Kors' dress with long, sheer panels that were attached at the sleeves and served as a flowing cape. She shared some behind the scenes photos and videos on her Instagram from her time at the Globes.

Haddish shared a video of brunch at the Four Seasons where she raved about the edible gold that topped her steak. Fans weren't as thrilled about the meal as Haddish and left some interesting comments.

Tiffany Haddish followed the video with one wearing her Micahel Kors' dress. She included plenty of hashtags and remarked that she was 'living her best life.'

You may see that video below.

Though Haddish looked stunning and seems to be moving forward, not everyone has forgotten the recent performance or lack thereof.

Oscar-winner Mo'Nique offered words of advice to Haddish from Las Vegas where she is preparing for her residency.

Mo'Nique gave her advice from one comedian to another and spoke more to the public's response than anything Haddish needed to do or prove.

Page Six' Tashara Jones caught up with Mo'Nique who gave her the exclusive.

"The advice I would give her is keep on going and don’t judge yourself harshly. That was one show, one night, the next one is coming. Tell me other times you heard of Tiffany Haddish bomb? So let’s just put it off to, she had a bad night, she had a bad moment. Let’s put it to that before you want to just throw her away. That’s what is so disheartening. … We are so quick to throw away and go onto the next instead of saying, ‘OK she had one bad night.’ Now people are saying, ‘Now you have got to prove you are good because you had one bad moment.'"

What do you think about Mo'Nique's advice? Do you feel people are judging Tiffany Haddish harshly? Is one bad night worth a career? It appears that Haddish is enjoying herself and 'living her best life' despite the fallout.


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