Tiffany Haddish Claims She And Chingy Really Did Hook Up - He's Supposedly Lying

Tiffany Haddish Claims She And Chingy Really Did Hook Up - He's Supposedly Lying
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According to a report from, Tiffany Haddish isn't backing down from the hook-up story she told during a recent episode of Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous talk show. Following Chingy's denial of her hook-up claim on social media, Chingy deleted the IG post and the comedienne has continued with her story.

Chingy, who's most famous for the early 2000s hit, "Right Thurr," emphasized the supposed fact that he and Tiffany Haddish never slept together. He claims it was his brother she hooked up with. The Night School star took to her account earlier this week to share her side of the story.

Haddish began her post with "Really Chingy stop," before going on to add that she and the rapper had slept together two months after they had met. Haddish stated Chingy wasn't that great in bed, and also added more detail about their encounter, naming the hotel they stayed in addition to what she was wearing on that night.

The story goes on, however. The actress claims she also hooked up with Chingy's brother. Haddish expressed her disappointment with Chingy's denial of their encounter, which she described as a "lot of fun back in the day."

"Don't make me start calling out all the skeletons," the comedienne remarked. You can check out the stand-up's comment on the 'Gram below:

As it was previously reported, Tiffany first opened up about her intimate life with the rapper during an appearence on Ellen. When the host asked if she had dated another celebrity who no one had ever found about, Tiffany revealed her purported hook-up with the aforementioned artist.

While Tiffany has continued to stay true to her story, if she really did lie, it wouldn't be the first time she's been accused of exaggerating details. Tiffany and her lawyers are currently gearing up to go on trial against her ex-husband, who's taking her to court over allegations she made in her memoir.

Tiffany stated in her book that her ex-husband was an "abusive stalker," however, her ex-hubby vehemently denied the claims.

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