Tiffany Haddish Addresses The Rumors That She's The First Pick To Replace Ellen DeGeneres!

Tiffany Haddish Addresses The Rumors That She's The First Pick To Replace Ellen DeGeneres!
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As you might know, there have been rumors going around that Tiffany Haddish could be the right pick to take over Ellen DeGeneres ' time slot after her talk show wraps up next year. With that being said, the actress and comedian broke her silence on those speculations. Here's what she had to say!

While on The Breakfast Club, she addressed the speculations that she's the most likely pick to replace Ellen, saying that 'I haven’t commented on it because ain’t no one that give those jobs talk to me about it. The reason I have even been popping up guest hosting Ellen is just because she wanted some days off.'

So it sounds like her supposed gig is just a rumor at this point since she hasn't actually been in talks with the network.

But aside from that, would she be interested in taking over Ellen's seat or not?

To that question, Tiffany replied that 'I’m learning a new skill, that is it. Y’all watching me learn in front of everybody. I don’t know if that is grooming me to take over because nobody talk to me about that. Ain’t nobody said nothing about that.'

Finally, she stressed that she is more than willing to get Ellen's job: 'If I could get what Ellen getting.'

This comes after an unnamed insider told ET that 'Tiffany is a favorite, she has humor and empathy in spades. She is top of the list to get a daytime show – she is a fresh voice.'

As for Ellen ending her daytime talk show after no less than 19 seasons, she told her audience on a previous episode that she had known that would be the end for the past couple of years.


According to the host, as a creative person, she no longer feels 'challenged' doing this particular job no matter how much fun it may be.


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