Three Journalists Call Out Alec Baldwin And His Reoccurring Bad Behavior Over The Years

Three Journalists Call Out Alec Baldwin And His Reoccurring Bad Behavior Over The Years

It looks like the day of reckoning for legendary Academy Award winner, Alec Baldwin, has come. Following the announcement that he was taken to jail for supposedly hitting another man over a parking spot in New York City, several journalists have accused the actor of making horrible comments to them on more than one occasion.

Previously, Alec denied the reports of the unrelated assault, stating that it has "become a sport" in recent years to come up with lies and salacious stories for the sake of views and ratings. He now has a set of new problems to contend with.

On Twitter, Maggie Haberman from The New York Times, Kaitlan Collins from CNN, and Tara Palmeri from ABC News, all came out with stories of Baldwin's alleged misbehavior.

Haberman said that Baldwin "was the first person I ever experienced being blocked by on Twitter," for, according to her, not writing about his fundraiser in a way he desired.

Collins wrote that Alec Baldwin told her he hoped she "choked to death," when she was on assignment, "staking out his house." Palmeri said that Baldwin once called her a "hag" after she noted he had more than one nanny to take care of his kids.

A representative for Baldwin didn't make any comments regarding the allegations from the three women. On Friday, the New York City Police Department confirmed to reporters from People Magazine that he was charged with assault.

At 1:30 pm, the 60-year-old actor was arrested for supposedly punching a man on East 10th Street between University Place and Broadway. He left the 6th Precinct on Friday afternoon after being charged.

The man, 49, had to go to the hospital because of the altercation. On Twitter, Alec said the claims he punched another person in the parking lot were a lie.

In 2013, Alec was caught supposedly fighting with a paparazzo reports ABC News. Following his arrest, Donald Trump, whom Alec Baldwin frequently criticizes, wished Alec luck during this difficult time. It was a rare moment of peace between the two men, who are frequently at odds.

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