Threats Against Michael Bublé And His Wife Are A Part Of A Larger Problem Of Social Media Threats

Threats Against Michael Bublé And His Wife Are A Part Of A Larger Problem Of Social Media Threats
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According to Luisana Lopilato, she and her husband, Michael Bublé, were the targets of social media trolls over a post they uploaded in the recent past. Fans online were wholly convinced it was a textbook example of spousal abuse.

Page Six reported that Michael Bublé and his wife were clowning around their home, including one instance where he playfully elbowed her. Some people online were convinced that it was an instance of domestic violence, which Luisana later addressed.

Luisana Lopilato, 32, said in a new radio interview that the sheer number of people who threatened to kill Michael after he posted the video was crazy. Some of her fans in Argentina claimed they were going to murder Mike when he arrived in her native country.

Luisana says that some of her social media followers sent her images of themselves holding knives and other weapons, insinuating they were going to kill Michael when he arrived. Some of them even claimed they were going to bomb him.

In case you missed it, last month, a video featuring the 44-year-old artist nudging his wife with his elbow and grabbing her arm was uploaded and many people were upset over what they perceived as abuse. Another clip featured Bublé saying that he was jokingly going to kill her.

Lopilato, however, denied all allegations of abuse and said they were merely playing around. In April, Lopilato claimed that she knows her husband very well and he'd never do anything to hurt her ever. She added, "It's not fair!"

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time that a celebrity was sent death threats. Last year, Pete Davidson, the Saturday Night Live alum, claims he was sent many death threats after he and Ariana Grande broke up.

Fans of Grande were harassing the SNL star, encouraging him to go and kill himself because of how terrible of a person he must've been. Davidson uploaded a post in which he said that no matter how hard they tried, he'd never kill himself.

With all things considered, when one is a celebrity or a public figure, such threats and remarks are hardly a rare occurrence. It's unclear how celebrities should address these problems.

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