Thomas Ravenel's Accuser Dawn Says The "Southern Charm" Star Needs To Be Brought To Justice

Thomas Ravenel's Accuser Dawn Says The "Southern Charm" Star Needs To Be Brought To Justice

Thomas Ravenel's accuser, Dawn, who formerly worked as his nanny, spoke out about the Southern Charm alum's actions and subsequent arrest following allegations of sexual misconduct and assault.

Known as "Nanny Dawn," on the Bravo TV series, Dawn accused Mr. Ravenel of assault back in May, shortly after Ashley Perkins accused Thomas of assaulting her mother, Debbie Perkins, following a Tinder date one evening.

Dawn went to his bond hearing on Tuesday, where the authorities charged him with assault and battery in the second degree. According to Dawn, who spoke with People Magazine, she had no idea the hearing was occurring that morning until the last minute.

"I felt unprepared and exhausted," the former nanny remarked, adding that the "past five months have been emotionally and physically taxing."

Although she was fearful, authorities gave her a chance to give an impact statement at the court hearing, and she took up the offer to tell everyone her experiences, in an attempt to iterate the effects of Thomas' misbehavior.

The judge allowed Ravenel a $20,000 personal recognizance bond, however, he had to give up his passport, and agreed to avoid all contact with his victim.

He also can't leave the state of South Carolina. Dawn stated she was disappointed that he was granted such a low bond amount, but was happy to hear the court gave her protection.

According to the reality star, Thomas threatened to "take out" anybody who helped her accuse him of assault and bring him to justice. The 43-year-old Southern Charm star said it isn't just her who has suffered from this.

"Our families have suffered as well," Dawn emphasized the importance for the public to hold Thomas accountable for his behavior. Following the allegations against Ravenel, he lost his job on the reality series.

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