Thomas Ravenel Wins Primary Custody Of Kids With Kathryn Dennis -- Southern Charm Star Awarded 50% Of Time

Thomas Ravenel Wins Primary Custody Of Kids With Kathryn Dennis -- Southern Charm Star Awarded 50% Of Time
Credit: Source: Bravo

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis' nasty custody fight is over for good this time. The parents will split time equally with Kensie and Saint but Thomas was awarded primary custody.

Although both have to be consulted on decisions concerning school, medical care, and religion -- the Ravenel has the final say.

When it comes to child support, neither of the exes have to pay. However, the former Southern Charm personality does have to give Kathryn $4,000 a month for a nanny -- and Kathyrn can choose what she does with the leftover money if she has any.

They both aren't allowed to have overnight visits with significant others unless they are married. This was a condition that Dennis violated when she was dating Hunter Price.


All About the Tea reported on how the two will handle time-sharing for the remainder of the year and 2020.

' Kathryn Dennis will continue her alternating weekend and midweek visitation with the children until the commencement of the children’s 2020 summer schedule. She’ll have the children every other Thursday afternoon until the following Monday morning. When school is in session, she will pick the children up after school on Thursdays and timely return the children to school on Monday mornings.'

They went on to say that the mother will have custody of the kids during the first half of winter break and the father will take the second half.

The most interesting part of the deal is that the children are not allowed to watch Southern Charm in any way, shape, or form -- not even the reunion show!

This was also a big debate earlier this year that Danni Baird found herself in the middle of. Videos posted and expired on Instagram Stories allegedly showed Kathryn and Danni watching the show and interacting with fans about it while the toddlers were in their presence.

Finally, Thomas and Kathryn are not allowed to badmouth each other on social media or while in the presence of their children.

What do you think about the stipulations of the custody agreement?


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