Thomas Ravenel 'Tweets And Deletes' This Past Weekend Following Social Media Backlash Regarding Kathryn Dennis Tweet

Thomas Ravenel 'Tweets And Deletes' This Past Weekend Following Social Media Backlash Regarding Kathryn Dennis Tweet
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According to a report from Page Six, Thomas Ravenel, the Southern Charm star, had to pull a tweet off the internet following a social media backlash. The reality star was heavily criticized online for his tweet that was supposedly in reference to his ex-girlfriend, fellow Southern Charm star, Kathryn Dennis.

The 57-year-old reality star deleted his Twitter account on Monday night not long after he posted a picture of his kids, Kensie and Saint, with his mother. Thomas has the two children with the 26-year-old whose mom passed away this past week.

It's not entirely clear why there was such a social media backlash to the photo, but some followers of his alleged that Thomas was being insensitive to the fact Dennis had just lost her mother.

One person on social media wrote, "this really isn't a great time to boast about your children spending time with your mother, especially considering the mother of your children just lost hers."

As followers of the ex-couple know, Dennis and Thomas have been fighting in the courts over custody of their two kids. They've been attacking each other's credibility, accusing one another of abusing substances among other transgressions.

Fans weren't happy with the way Ravenel posted an inflammatory tweet regarding his ex, at a time when his fans believe is not right. Thomas hasn't used Twitter since June either. On the other side of the aisle, Kathryn shared a picture of her two kids, Saint, and Kensie at her brother's wedding ceremony.

Her man, Hunter Price, wrote on her social media account that Kathryn was easily the "strongest and most beautiful" woman he has ever known. As it was previously reported, Dennis and Thomas' custody dispute has been heating up.

Recently, Thomas used Kathryn's hit-and-run incident as proof that Kathryn was unfit to be a mother to his children. Security footage showed the reality star, 26, backing out of a parking spot and side-swiping another vehicle, before quickly taking off and leaving the scene of the crime.

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