Thomas Ravenel Suing Bravo For 'Southern Charm' Footage: Kathryn Dennis Claims He Mixes Substances Around Children!

Thomas Ravenel Suing Bravo For 'Southern Charm' Footage: Kathryn Dennis Claims He Mixes Substances Around Children!
Source: Bravo

Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have been going at it more than ever. Now that the former politician is set to stand trial for a sexual assault case, the mother of his children is gunning for primary custody.

Kathryn claims that in addition to having anger problems, Ravenel mixes pills and alcohol when he is around the two young children that they share. In the court documents that were filed around two weeks ago, the mother alleges that Thomas relies upon the use of nannies and is usually impaired when he has custody of the kids.

The ex of the 56-year-old also brought in Ashley Jacobs, who she claims was often sicced to verbally attack her by Thomas.

Ravenel has responded to the claims with his own demands. He insists that Kathyrn and producers are using this case as a storyline and demands that Bravo not air any footage about the suit.

Additionally, he wants Dennis banned from discussing the custody issues in the media or on social media.

The on-again off-again girlfriend of Ravenel recently clapped back at Kathryn while answering questions from fans on Instagram. She blatantly says that Dennis isn't as sober as she wants everyone to think.

"My intent is not to hurt her. I have no animosity towards her. But I think it’s wrong to pretend you are sober and to use it as a platform if it’s not true. There are people that are truly trying to turn their lives around. It’s not something you lie about. Considering [Kathryn]was seen at [Vintage Lounge] and several [other] bars on Saturday night drinking… I think it’s pretty clear."

This drama comes almost immediately after it was decided that Thomas will head to trial over the assault of his former nanny known as 'Nanny Dawn.' There is no set date for when the hearing will begin.


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  • Deanie Bissette
    Deanie Bissette Nov 13, 2018 10:21 AM PST

    Ashley is a low class girl. She has no true integrity, morals, or values. She is a self centered and manipulative person. Katherine Dennis has all the characteristics values and morals that actually wishes she had. She said very classy young lady. I don’t know any young women with children that haven’t gone out drinking and dancing and etc ,so what. Just because she has children doesn’t mean she has to give up her life. I’m sure she is a wonderful mother and her children are well cared for in her presence. What were you doing at her age!! Don’t lie now. And Ashley, who are u to judge. Your are just a wannabe. Nurses are groomed to be compassionate, trustworthy , nonjudgmental, helpful, confidential, loving, no discriminatory, and many other things. Ashley has none of these values or traits. It’s also obvious that Ashley displays characteristics of a person with a moderate mental illness/disorder that is not being treated. Thomas needs to run. a girl like Ashley will never change. She’s ruining your life. As an attractive, southern lady myself, I can tell you, there are much better women out here

  • James
    James Nov 10, 2018 8:49 PM PST

    All these people are giving my home state of SOUTH CAROLINA a very bad rap ,knowing full well the only ones that are truly suffering are those kids ,if Mr ravenell keeps this up those will follow suit ,oh and the ravenell bridge has a nickname ,,,,WHITE POWDER PASS ,Mr ravenell knows why ,huh Thomas...............

  • Cyndee
    Cyndee Nov 10, 2018 6:41 PM PST

    Thomas’ character has always been lacking as well as his sobriety. I never could understand how any Judge could give him custody of those babies. He & Ashley seem the perfect fit as they are both using each other. Kathryn is coming into her own which is a beautiful, intelligent & strong woman.

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann Nov 10, 2018 5:19 PM PST

    His wealth and lack of character in addition to compromised sobriety makes him the perfect target for a gold digging woman like Ashley. He desired a young an easily manipulated woman like Kathryn. As she matured and begun to value herself he no longer had that control. Weak men settle and strong women like Kathryn rise. Let Thomas and Ashely wallow in the mud together.

  • Theresa Borger
    Theresa Borger Nov 10, 2018 4:20 PM PST

    Trying to use class when making this known how I feel, I think Thomas is as guilty as his Dad was and Ashley is a joke!

  • Dawn
    Dawn Nov 10, 2018 3:01 PM PST

    Thomas and Ashley are disgusting. We have long seen Thomas drinking and wondered why he wasn't held to the same standard as Katherine. His mighty pedestal is coming down

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