Thomas Ravenel From "Southern Charm" And Girlfriend Ashley Might've Broken Up

Thomas Ravenel From "Southern Charm" And Girlfriend Ashley Might've Broken Up
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Is it over now? Following the allegations against Thomas Ravenel, fans have wondered what would happen between Ashley Jacobs and Thomas. Thomas' standing on  Southern Charm has been rocky, ever since Ashley Perkins accused him of sexually assaulting her mother, Debbie Perkins, one night during a Tinder date.

The reality star, Ashley Perkins, claimed that Ravenel pushed her mother down and inserted his fingers into her vagina. When she arrived home, Debbie had marks on her wrists and arms.

And, as it was previously reported, Ashley Jacobs left South Carolina on Wednesday, just one day prior to the episode, Opens A New Window , which aired on Bravo.

Jacobs went back to her native California to make bank after her failed relationship with Thomas. According to a source who sat down with us earlier, "Ashley had to go back to California for a week because she needs a break from all of this."

And a source who spoke with Radar Online said the timing between Ravenel and his girlfriend couldn't have been worse, because Thomas and Ashley Jacobs had been duking it out a lot lately.

Additionally, to make the matter even more dramatic, Dennis and Naomi Olindo claimed that Jacobs was secretly an escort, and Thomas went back to Santa Barbara.

Coincidentally, it was there where they first had met and she convinced him to move with her across the nation.

During her break back in Santa Barbara, Jacobs booked an appearence at a popular nightclub, the first time she has done so, ever. She wrote on the advertisement, "AJ from Southern Charm," as a part of the marketing campaign.

The reality star was pictured on a flyer for the 28th of July, 2018, Saturday, at the Matrix nightclub in Santa Barbara.

At least Ashley has been able to make her career a lot more prosperous, but the same thing couldn't be said about her romance with Ravenel.  Radar Online previously stated that Ashley and Thomas were completely over, and the relationship had "run its course."

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