Thomas Ravenel Claims Southern Charm Is The 'Worst Mistake Of His Life'

Thomas Ravenel Claims Southern Charm Is The 'Worst Mistake Of His Life'
Credit: Source: Bravo

Thomas Ravenel has done a lot of questionable things in his life, but he believes his worst mistake was starring on Bravo's hit reality series Southern Charm . Amid his intense custody battle with former girlfriend Kathryn Dennis and his ongoing sexual assault scandal, Ravenel believes that starring on the show basically ruined his life.

Ravenel's admission came during a recent court appearance, where he asked a judge to seal the court records and issue a gag order to keep everything under wraps. Ravenel argued that Dennis should not be allowed to talk about the custody battle on the show because of the harm it might cause his children.

He then slammed Bravo for trying to control the narrative and for acting like a legitimate news source.

"The worst mistake of my life was agreeing to be the star of the reality TV show Southern Charm," Ravenel admitted.

According to The Blast , Ravenel went on to say that series made him a target for people who desire fame. He also says that starring on the show, to which he fully agreed, also embarrassed his family and caused "pain" to his parents and children. He then asked the judge to stop the attempts by Bravo to throw out his lawsuit.

As fans will recall, Ravenel filed a suit against Bravo and the producers of the series in November of last year. The disgraced Southern Charm star is suing the network in an attempt to prevent them from airing previously unused footage of his family.

At the same time, Ravenel is engaged in a heated custody battle with Dennis, who is looking to secure primary custody of their children. Dennis lost custody three years ago following a failed drug test but has since been sober.

Ravenel is also about to go on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a nanny at his home in Charleston. If he is found guilty, Ravenel could face serious time behind bars.

Bravo has yet to comment on their lawsuit with Thomas Ravenel.


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