Thomas Ravenel And Bravo Sued! Nanny Dawn Claims They Covered Up Her Sexual Assault Allegations

Thomas Ravenel And Bravo Sued! Nanny Dawn Claims They Covered Up Her Sexual Assault Allegations
Credit: Source: Bravo

Thomas Ravenel might drag Southern Charm down with him. Dawn Ledwell, Ravenel's former nanny, is suing the disgraced reality star for libel, slander, and assault — and she included Bravo in the case.

Court documents reveal that Ledwell is going after Bravo and its parent companies, NBC Universal and Comcast, as well as the reality show's production company.

The lawsuit centers on the assault Ledwell says happened in the winter of 2015.

According to Radar Online , the documents claim that Ravenel ripped off Ledwell's clothes in a violent attack and tried to force himself on her. Ledwell says the assault caused "severe and significant injuries."

Ledwell claims that she reached out to an employee working for Bravo, NBC Universal, and Comcast a month after the incident for help . But nobody at the network investigated the claims or took her seriously.

She also says that Ravenel conspired with the network to shut down potential investigations into the assault. It is not clear what kind of evidence Ledwell has, but the lawsuit could have serious consequences for everyone involved.

The nanny also slammed Bravo and the show's production company for the way they promote certain storylines on Southern Charm .

This includes promoting drinking, sex, and the notion that the male characters on the show are free to do as they please.

Ledwell is hoping to take the lawsuit to trial instead of settling out of court.

Bravo has not commented on the lawsuit. The network dismissed Ravenel earlier this year after the assault charges became public knowledge.

Southern Charm's production company, Haymaker, has issued a statement on the matter.

Haymaker says that they are launching an independent investigation into the allegations and will act appropriately to the findings.

Thomas Ravenel will not be a part of Season 6 of Southern Charm and is currently facing criminal charges stemming from the 2015 assault.


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