This Sad Reason Is Why Lamar Odom Gets The Lowest Scores On Dancing With The Stars

This Sad Reason Is Why Lamar Odom Gets The Lowest Scores On Dancing With The Stars
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Lamar Odom was announced as part of the cast for the current season of Dancing With the Stars. For the last two weeks, he has received the lowest scores from judges and now fans finally know why.

Peta Murgatroyd reveals just how bad Lamar's memory loss from his nearly fatal overdose is. It appears that the athlete forgets the steps as quickly as he learns them.

She opened up to People Magazine about the challenges they have as choreographer and learner.

'Our salsa started great! He was smiling with energy and doing the right moves. About halfway through though, his memory loss kicked in and he lost his patterns of choreography.  He forgot 1/3 of steps throughout the dance. I don’t think people really understand when he says he has a “memory problem.” The guy was in a coma and had 12 heart attacks and six strokes.  He shouldn’t be living, but by a miracle he is.  His memory is the biggest issue we face, not the height. His cognitive ability is slow and it has definitely affected us. Lamar gave me the okay to talk about it openly so I wanted to give you a little insight.'

It was shocking to some that after the performances Odom put on, he made the cut to stay until the next week. However, the former husband of Khloe Kardashian has a heartwarming story that makes viewers vote for him even when judges name him as the worst.

Fans of the show also see the contagious smile that Lamar has while performing. It's clear that the experience is a good one.

No matter how many times she has to remind him what the next step is, Peta is proud of the basketball player.

'People like Lamar deserve to be on this show. They deserve a second chance and they deserve to be shown praise and love! This is what our show is all about, the journey!  And he was definitely better than last week! Go Lamar!'

It's great to see both Lamar and Peta are staying positive while facing such a tough challenge.

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