This Is Why Jax Taylor Broke Up With Brittany Cartwright

This Is Why Jax Taylor Broke Up With Brittany Cartwright
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Jax Taylor shocked the reality-TV-world when he broke up with his long-time girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, on Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules. The 38-year-old bartender went on Twitter to thank his fans for their continued support in light of the separation.

During the show, Jax used the old break-up trope, "it's not you, it's me." The reality star explained, "I don't like who I am and it's not because of you," and that's why they had to split.

When referring to his summer with Brittany which was filmed on the spin-off show, Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky, the SUR bartender said he caused a lot of "s*it."

And while his reasoning for splitting seems lame, Jax had warm and thoughtful words for his then-ex-girlfriend. He said "you deserve to be happy. You deserve to get married."

The show was filmed back in August of 2017, so since then, they've reconciled. But fans were shocked to see that Jax broke up with Brittany, as she's stood by him through thick and thin.

When reflecting on the moment, Jax took to his Twitter account to explain his feelings and actions. He said, on that day, he was a mess and felt insecure.

Taylor said he felt " the bottom of the barrel," and because of the death of his father, he was dealing with a lot of emotions and heartbreak. He isn't perfect; he never will be, but in spite of that, Taylor admitted he would continue to work hard on himself.

As you may know, Jax has been talking about leaving California to live in Florida. The reality star explained that he got a job offer to work in the sports industry, something he's always been interested in.


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