This Is Why Amber Rose Only Dates Famous Men

This Is Why Amber Rose Only Dates Famous Men
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Amber Rose has always spoken her mind. In her latest interview, the model revealed some shocking things about her past that fans surprisingly didn't know about her and answered the one burning question almost everyone who's familiar with her has: Why does she only seem to date famous men?

Starting with Kanye West and, most recently, Tyga's best friend AE, Amber's significant other is almost always significantly known.

Sitting down with Van Lathan for the Red Pill podcast, Amber explains the reasoning behind her dating choices. It may seem shallow to the average person, but many famous people would vouch that it actually makes sense.


"I don't trust people in my home that don't have nothing to lose. I don't trust people around my family that have nothing to lose so yes, the guy that works at Starbucks is probably amazing but, will he steal from me? I don't know, he doesn't really have much to lose. I feel like, I had people that work for me that had nothing to lose that stole from me so for me to actually bring someone in my life and date them -- it's just that they need to bring something to the table where I feel secure enough that they're not gonna use me for any other reason."

Amber's explanation, although it is quite blunt, is very understandable.

Another reason celebrities often date celebrities is due to the fact that no one knows what it's like to be in the spotlight more than someone who is also in the spotlight. Schedule conflicts, heavy traveling, and professional requirements weigh down a relationship more when a person who is famous dates someone who is not.

In the same interview, Amber Rose also revealed that she tried to sell crack .

What do you think about what the Instagram model said? Do you agree?

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