This Is What Hillary Duff's Child Has To Say About "Lizzie McGuire"

This Is What Hillary Duff's Child Has To Say About "Lizzie McGuire"
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Hillary Duff loves to interact with her fans on social media. Recently, during a self-hosted Question and Answer session on her Instagram, Hillary dished on her life, career, and family.

And one of the first questions asked of the former pop-star was whether or not her son had watched Lizzie McGuire yet, either the series or the film.

According to Duff, Luca has never watched her movie, The Lizzie McGuire Movie , but he did watch a few episodes of the show, and didn't find it all that interesting because "he doesn't know what's good."

Fortunately for Duff, she and her man, Matthew Koma, are expecting a baby girl so she'll have another child to make up for her son's bad taste.

A lot of her fans have wondered what they'll call their baby. So, the star revealed what name she and her boyfriend would be giving their baby girl. Duff said that, in fact, yes, she and her man have figured out a name for their child, but won't be revealing it until she's born.

"It's a personal choice," the singer remarked, and they don't want to tell the world, because it's just too personal and they don't want to hear any criticism at the moment.

Moreover, Duff talked about what she likes to watch on TV, revealing that she enjoys watching  Billions and The Handmaid's Tale . As you may know, this is a different Hillary Duff from what we've seen before.

The last time we heard from her, Duff was in a far worse mood, when she took to her SnapChat to slam one of her roommates online for smoking marijuana, forgetting to take his garbage out, and being loud at night.

The star insinuated that her neighbor didn't understand respect, because he has no sense of gratitude, on account of the fact his parents probably paid his rent.

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