This Is Us Season 4: All About That Time Jump, Kate's Future, And Miguel's Fate

This Is Us Season 4: All About That Time Jump, Kate's Future, And Miguel's Fate
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Fans of This Is Us continue to endure the torture that is the five-month-long hiatus between Seasons 3 and 4. However, they were recently happy to discover that even though we are still a couple of months away from the Season 4 premiere, the cast and crew are back together again and production is officially underway. Here is everything we know so far about the upcoming season of the popular NBC time-jumping drama.

Season 3 ended with a jump to about twenty years in the future where Rebecca (Mandy Moore) - the Pearson family matriarch - appeared to be on her deathbed. Showrunner Elizabeth Berger told Glamour that the scene possibly showed someone near the end of their life who was experiencing a lack of awareness and confusion that comes with extreme old age.

However, Rebecca’s brother-in-law Nicky (Griffin Dunne) was by her side instead of her husband Miguel (Jon Huertas). And, as the Pearson family gathered to be with Rebecca, Kate (Chrissy Metz) was noticeably absent and Kevin (Justin Hartley) had a son. This scenario led to a lot of questions, but the time-jumping timeline means that fans might not get the answers right away.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , we won’t find out Miguel’s fate until Season 5 or 6, and Berger says that Kate’s future is “wide open,” and she can’t promise that it will be revealed next season.

However, Berger admitted that “Is Kate dead or alive?” is at the top of the list of people’s burning questions, and the writers are mindful of that.

One story that the show will explore during Season 4 is Tess’ (Eris Baker) struggle with moving to Philadelphia as a young teen who is coming to terms with her sexuality.

"To be Tess’s age and already be in the middle of coming to terms with your sexuality and then to throw in a move is only going to make things feel more complicated and more overwhelming," Berger says.

Season 4 will begin in the 1970s during the early days of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca’s relationship, and the show will also introduce fans to younger versions of the Big Three. Earlier this month, Moore tweeted a pic of her and Ventimiglia on their first day back on set, and they were both dressed in vintage 70s clothing.

Creator Dan Fogelman has also revealed that fans will get to see a lot more of Rebecca’s story in Season 4 after the first three seasons centered around Jack’s backstory, how he died, and how the family has had to cope with life without him.

NBC has already renewed This Is Us for three more seasons, and Fogelman has revealed that Season 6 will be the show’s last. In the meantime, they have a lot more Pearson stories to share.

Season 4 of This Is Us premieres Tuesday, September 25th on NBC.


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