This Is Us Producers Open Up About Randall And Beth's Future

This Is Us Producers Open Up About Randall And Beth's Future
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Warning: major spoilers ahead if you have not watched Season 3, Episode 16 of This Is Us .

During the most recent episode of This Is Us , Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) shocked fans when he left a brutal voicemail for his wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) after he thought she had stood him up for an in important dinner with the city council president.

This was the latest and most vicious blow to their stressed marriage, and executive producers Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker say that fans should get ready for a deep dive into Randall and Beth’s wonderful, yet messy relationship, but there is no guarantee they will make it through.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this season fans have seen Randall refuse to drop out of a seemingly unwinnable election even though his wife was struggling. He then told Beth that she needed to put her own dreams on hold while he pursued his.

And, then there was the voicemail, where Randall told Beth that she placed more importance on teaching “bored housewives to twirl” than on his political aspirations. He ended the message by telling his wife that she needs to “grow the hell up.”

Beth was stuck in traffic because of a freeway accident, and her phone battery was dead. She did show up to the dinner, and Randall immediately knew he had messed up big time.

“This is a man that feels he’s been pushed to the brink, work-wise and exhaustion-level-wise. So you’re seeing the moment where he kind of just loses control. We’ve all had those moments where — even if it’s only something that we half-feel — we say the worst thing that we could possibly say because we want to hurt the person on the other end of the phone or standing in front of us. I think we’re just catching him in one of those terrible moments in life where his exhaustion gets the best of him, and he lets loose,” says Berger.

At the end of the episode, instead of sleeping on the cot in his office, Randall comes home and tells Beth that they can’t keep things simmering. Beth says “let’s do this,” and Randall closes the bedroom door before a fade to black. Berger says that the next episode will be all about Randall and Beth, so fans get the whole picture of their relationship, and they can’t wait for fans to see it.

But, for fans wanting a resolution next week, it won’t happen says Aptaker.

“This one’s going to carry through the rest of our season,” he revealed.

New episodes of This Is Us air Tuesday nights on NBC.

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