This Is The Real Reason Steve Harvey's Talk Show Was Canceled

This Is The Real Reason Steve Harvey's Talk Show Was Canceled
Credit: Source: Entertainment Weekly

Steve Harvey’s talk show has officially come to an end, and an insider claims that it isn’t Kelly Clarkson’s fault the show got canceled. Instead, it was Harvey’s refusal to hire an A-list booker that doomed the daytime talk show.

According to Radar Online, Harvey didn’t want to pay for top talent, and now Clarkson’s show has taken over the time slot, and Harvey’s show is done for good.

“Instead he has a daytime person producing a nighttime type-show,” says an insider. “So many industry people called when it first started and said how unwatchable it was.”

The source went on to say that the 60-year-old’s goal is to be a “billionaire,” and time is running out. They also claimed that Harvey doesn’t like giving ten percent to his manager “because he’s a cheap a**. The man is very cheap.”

Now that the show is canceled, staff members are looking for new jobs, but the source says that Harvey “couldn’t care less” and it doesn’t worry him that people can’t pay their bills.

Harvey told Variety in January that NBCUniversal dropped his talk show, but he was still shopping it around with hopes that someone else would pick it up. However, the show wrapped production last week, and it is officially done and not coming back.

The comedian had some problems with staff members after he relocated the show from Chicago to Los Angeles two years ago. He sent out a nasty email to his employees, telling them not to enter his dressing room unless he invited them in, and to not approach him in the makeup chair unless he said it was ok.

A source previously claimed that Harvey had his sights set on Wendy Williams’ show when she was on her two-month break and wanted to take it over if she didn’t return from rehab. But, as fans know, that didn’t work out.

The Steve Harvey Show wrapped with a staff party in Beverly Hills on May 9th after seven years on NBC. Clarkson’s show will take over the time slot this fall. New episodes of Harvey’s show will continue to air until June, and then reruns will take over until September.

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