This Cardi B And Beyonce Viral Video Is The Coronavirus Anthem You Need — Thanks To DJ IMarkkeyz

This Cardi B And Beyonce Viral Video Is The Coronavirus Anthem You Need — Thanks To DJ IMarkkeyz
Credit: Source: Beyonce, Cardi B/Instagram

This Cardi B and Beyonce viral video is the Coronavirus anthem that you need as you ride out this pandemic in self-isolation or quarantine and it's all thanks to DJ iMarkkeyz. It all started last week when Cardi B (who recently shocked the world by showing off her real hair ) went on a little Instagram rant about Coronavirus. The rant went viral and was even picked up in China! Cardi didn't rap or dance in the rant, she just spoke out about how messed up she thought it was that Coronavirus started in Wuhan and made it's way to American shores. She also spoke to those who think they might be immune to Covid-19 that they will still find their weave and other essentials that come from China delayed.

Cardi B's rant went viral and soon DJ iMarkkeyz (who is known for making other viral videos) remixed the rap and turned it into a song. The song has since gone viral and there is even a CardiCoronavirusChallenge where people are remixing their own dance videos to the Cardi B Coronavirus anthem.

When DJ iMarkkeyz remixed the Beyonce and Cardi B song, it quickly went viral and has more than 71,000 likes.

You may see the video that DJ iMarkkeyz mixed featuring Beyonce and Cardi B in the video player below.

This is the official video that Cardi B shared with her 60.4 million Instagram followers that quickly went viral. Cardi B wore a gold, chain-link sheer dress that showed off her curves. Her nails were sky blue and she wore a long, one-length blonde wig. Cardi B didn't say if the hairpiece came from China.

The Beyonce, Cardi B video isn't the only one that DJ iMarkkeyz has shared on his official Instagram account.

Here is another viral video featuring Cardi B's Cornavirus Rap and a user-submitted video.

Are you under self-isolation or self-quarantine? Did you see Cardi B's official rant when she first posted her video? What do you think about DJ iMarkkeyz' remix featuring Beyonce dancing to the Cardi B Coronavirus anthem?

Are you going to create your own video and submit it for the Cardi Coronavirus Challenge?


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