Things Are Going Terrible For Torrei Hart And Here's Why

Things Are Going Terrible For Torrei Hart And Here's Why

Torrei Hart is usually the kind of girl who remains indifferent to the chaos of the world in which she lives. Typically, she can handle her own, but it looks like this week she's had a stroke of bad luck enabling even Torrei to feel down in the dumps.

Just a few hours after it was revealed that Hart's car was vandalized, the Instagram account belonging to the ex-wife of comedic legend, Kevin Hart, was hacked by computer criminals.

Torrei just can't catch a break, can she? Celebrity Insider readers will remember when the business owner was dragged into Eniko and Kevin's marital problems again.

In an interview with TMZ, Torrei said she just wanted to be left alone because she had "moved on" for the sake of the kids.

Last week, an extortionist was attempting to release a videotape showing the comedian fraternizing with an exotic dancer. Kevin Hart - in an attempt to control the damage - took to Instagram to reveal that his behavior was outside of what's expected of him as a married man.

The identity of the exotic dancer whom he was involved with while in Las Vegas was revealed shortly after that - her name is Montia Sabbag.

The irony of the news is that allegations swirled that Kevin was cheating on Eniko shortly before he apologized publicly on his respective social media. As for the ex-wife of Kevin, Torrei took to Twitter after her account was hacked to tell all of her fans that her account had been compromised.

At the moment, no one knows for sure who is responsible for the security breach of her Instagram account. In a tweet, Torrei stated it "wasn't just an Instagram account to her" because she had over 400,000 followers. Despite the hacking of her personal account, we're sure Torrei will get her followers back in no time.


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