"The Young And The Restless" Eliminates Kristoff St. John's Character Following The Actor's Death

"The Young And The Restless" Eliminates Kristoff St. John's Character Following The Actor's Death
Credit: Source: LatestCanada.com

According to a report from TODAY.com, The Young And The Restless has officially said goodbye to Kristoff St. John's character after he suddenly died from heart failure when he was just 52-years-old.

As fans of his know, Kristoff called the set of The Young And The Restless his home for 27 years, thus, it's been a big deal to see him gone. Kristoff, who starred in the CBS romantic-drama, portrayed the character, Neil Winters.

This past week, the show portrayed Winters' death and showed how his loss affected those in Genoa City. The show tweeted a picture of the actor with the statement, "one extraordinary man touched the lives of so many will never be forgotten."

Honoring St. John and his character is just one way in which the production has honored the actor's legacy. Just a few days after it was revealed he had officially passed away, The Young And The Restless aired a short video in which the actor explained his life accomplishments.

In the behind-the-scenes part, Kristoff St. John explained that it was a real accomplishment for him to think of himself as one of the long-time cast members of the show. It's a legendary program, and his character has played an integral role. It's something he was extraordinarily proud of.

As it was previously reported, Kristoff St. John died on the 19th of March, 2019, due to hypertrophic heart failure. Ruled as accidental, hypertrophic heart failure is when part of the heart grows substantially in size, which means the heart is unable to pump blood as effectively as it should.

According to the Wikipedia Page, HCM affects approximately 1 in 500 people. Rumor has it that Kristoff had a drinking problem, which plays an incendiary role in heart complications, especially as human beings grow older.

At first, fans on social media believed the actor may have drunk himself to death, but was it was noted above, the coroner ruled his death as "accidental." Regardless, Kristoff has been on the show for the majority of its existence, so it's a sad time for fans of The Young And The Restless.


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