The Wendy Williams Show, Reportedly Accused Of Racism And Ageism

The Wendy Williams Show, Reportedly Accused Of Racism And Ageism
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Everyone knows that Wendy Williams has her own issues to deal with, but it seems that some problems might be adding to her list. The Shade Room brings the latest news and details regarding some accusations that her show is faced with.

TSR just reported that a fan is now accusing Wendy’s show of discriminating her and her friends due to age and race.

'Sixty-year-old Diane Stevens, who says she’s a frequent audience member at talk shows, told @PageSix that last month she and two friends arrived at the 6:30 a.m. to see a taping of the Wendy Williams Show,' TSR reported.

'I was coming from The Bronx, and I had to take a bus and two trains,' Stevens said as quoted by TSR.

She reportedly continued and explained: 'So because we have canes they let us sit down inside the audience holding (area). Then the audience coordinator comes on the headset, and she looks at us and says into the headset, ‘I am taking the tickets from the older people.'

The woman seems to have claimed that 'the staff on the show took away their ticket stubs and escorted them out of the building.'

Stevens is a white woman, and she said that the tickets were handed to three young women of color.

The point is that Stevens is confident that the decision to snatch their tickets was motivated by racism and ageism, as The Shade Room reports.

This whole thing triggered a debate in the comments section just as expected.

Someone said 'Nooooooo!!! All shows book audience for their looks and type .... like if you book online to get paid to be in the audience for these talk shows they specifically say what type of audience members they are looking for ... from age to your look, and they require a headshot ... so she’s reaching.'

Anohther person posted 'For the last time, Black people cannot be racist. Prejudice yes, but not racist!'

One other commenter responded and said that 'whoever you are talking about they are very prejudiced to their own race. Racism is based on disadvantages by race. What advantage does your race get by being prejudice to their own kind? Nothing. Now if a white person is racist to a black person or ANY person of color, that is an advantage because white people have stopped us from getting jobs, health care, freedom of speech, our human rights, etc etc. But can a black person honestly do that to a white person? Can a black cop beat on a white person and get probation? Or can a white cop beat on a black person and get probation. And we all know the answer to that. That is an advantage white people have. And black people do not benefit from such a white societal system because of the color of our skin.'

Someone else said that this is not Wendy's fault, but The Shade Room did not accuse her, neither the lady in their report: 'I don’t like Wendy but how is that her fault.'

Another commenter said 'Aww poor Diane born in the ’60s and witnessed black men and women oppressed but this was an act of racism? 👀. Girl gone Wendy was in the sober house last month ✌🏾'

One other person had this to say about the matter: 'If you're a "frequent audience member" maybe they just wanted to give the chance to somebody else sit the f*** down granny they not discriminating against you they just tired of you going up there🙄'

What fdo you think about these allegations and the gesture itself if it's all true?

Other than this, Wendy has been recently spotted out and about with her hubby, Kevin Hunter .


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