The Weeknd's Fans Think That His New Album Will Be Epic Because Of These Photos After Bella Hadid Split

The Weeknd's Fans Think That His New Album Will Be Epic Because Of These Photos After Bella Hadid Split
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The Weeknd recently attended the Toronto International Film Festival, and he surprised many when he showed up with a completely new look.

Responses to his appearance have been mixed so far, with some claiming that the style does not suit him, while others have been more supportive, pointing out that it is all about confidence and he is about to drop a great album.

One of the most notable changes was the complete lack of the singer's signature beard, which was instead replaced by a mustache. He had also changed his hair quite a bit and was described as unrecognizable by some of his fans.

All of that was topped off with a stylish navy blue suit, and the overall appearance of the singer gave off quite the different vibe compared to what his fans are traditionally used to.

This has been the first major appearance for the singer and songwriter since he split up with Bella Hadid and some have speculated that this could be a new direction for him as a whole, trying to explore new grounds as a means of dealing with his breakup.

There has also been speculation that The Weeknd might be considering getting back together with his former partner, but this is just the subject of rumors and nothing more at this point.

There are not many reasons to believe that anyway, given the statements the singer has made in public over the months, but in the end, there is nothing like dedicated fans who want to find out more about their favorite celebrity and want to see some of their wishes come true.

One person said: "Don't get my hopes hope "el fin de semana" either he's just saying his stage name in Spanish or he droppin the epic album this weekend don't play Abel😤😔"

Another commenter joked: "This ain’t the weeknd this is his 3rd cousin it’s Monday. How I look before I put on my lashes and wig."

This fan revealed that he looks like Bruno Mars: "Bruno’s broke cousin four times removed, that’s still richer than all of us. If this makes him go back to haunted strip club music, then I’m here for it. Went from The Weeknd to The Weekday, on some Pursuit of Happiness 9-5 Will Smith vibe. 😂"

This person laughed and said: "Abel baby can u go back to the old days when u were high on drugs and heartbroken. He like a Mexican trying get his passport picture taken to come to America."

The Weekend might surprise some with his next move.

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