The Weeknd Says He’s Not Afraid to Confront Justin Bieber

The Weeknd Says He’s Not Afraid to Confront Justin Bieber
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We’ve all been wondering how well does Justin Bieber deal with the fact that his ex, Selena Gomez, is now dating The Weeknd. Well, it seems this same question has worried the “Often” singer, as he knows an awkward encounter with Bieber is inevitable.

When the 26-years old R&B singer started to date Gomez, he knew all about her past and the fact that the former Disney star had a “loud” ex like Justin Bieber didn’t seem to bother him.

But now, The Weeknd is prepared to accept the facts and fight for who he loves.

Some people close to the artist revealed that he knows he will run into his fellow Canadian sooner or later. Abel isn’t the type of guy that lets other push him around, and yes, maybe Abel is one of Selena’s more polite boyfriends, but he is determined to fight if Justin tries to start anything.

Bieber has the habit of trying and making others look like fools, so The Weeknd is prepared to stand up for himself and Selena.

In the love department, according to the latest reports, Selena and The Weeknd are doing just great. The two have been jaunting around his hometown, Toronto, on romantic dates, and things seem to be moving pretty fast.

Gomez is undoubtedly asking herself right now “Justin, who?” because how great her relationship with Abel is going.

Chatting with Vogue for their 73 questions series, Selena Gomez admitted that a romantic dinner on a rooftop was the best surprise she’s ever received. As far as we know, The Weeknd is the one that made her heart tremble with such a surprise.

We think we have a closed case here, Justin!


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