The Weeknd 'Did Every Thing Right' After Selena Gomez Underwent Kidney Transplant -- She Is Done With Justin Bieber

The Weeknd 'Did Every Thing Right' After Selena Gomez Underwent Kidney Transplant -- She Is Done With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez, 25, and Justin Bieber, 23, are over, done, finish, and fans should know that there is no hope of them getting back together.

This week, Gomez shocked the world by announcing that she underwent a kidney transplant over the summer.

The Texan diva, who is battling Lupus, encountered serious health complications a few months ago, and her best friend, Francia Raisa, came to the rescue by donating a kidney.

A source close to Gomez claimed that Bieber was not aware that her former girlfriend had a health scare.

He learned about it like the rest of the planet -- via social media.

According to the chatty source, Bieber is thankful that Raisa decided to make such a big sacrifice to save Gomez's life.

The person claimed: “He is hearing about this just as everyone hears about it. He is he is happy that she is okay, but he has no interest in contacting her to see how she is doing. This will not be a catalyst for them to talk again. He is happy she is okay, but that is all he wants to deal with right now when it comes to her.”

TMZ spoke to another family friend who confirmed that Bieber and Gomez have stopped talking to each other.

Meanwhile, it is being claimed that The Weeknd has been the perfect boyfriend.

A source explained: "The Weeknd has done everything right and then some. When she got sick, they had not even been together that long, like less than six months. He was in the middle of his tour; he could have easily pulled away and blamed it on work. But it was the opposite, he stepped up to the plate and was solid as a rock.”

The person added: “He is supporting her every way he can. Living with her is a big part of it and, of course, him being the one flying back to see her. He does not want her doing any more than she has to do, he is always worrying about her getting tired. His love and support have really helped her get strong after her transplant; he has been a huge part of why she is bounced back so fast."

Fans are happy that Gomez seems to be well surrounded.

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