The Walking Dead Star Daniel Newman Comes Out! – “Be Proud To Be Yourself!”

The Walking Dead Star Daniel Newman Comes Out! – “Be Proud To Be Yourself!”

The Walking Dead star Daniel Newman has decided to finally reveal that he is gay.

As fans of the popular TV series already know, Newman plays Kingdom member Daniel and his good looks and charm have gained him many fan girls. But now, they can say goodbye to their dreams of one day dating the handsome actor because he came out of the closet on social media.

"I'm #OUTandPROUD #LGBT. Love you guys. Be proud to be yourself," Newman tweeted.

"We need everyone just the way you are! I'll chat with you guys tonight."

His coming out gave many people a lot of hope and reminded them to not be afraid to be themselves. We need more public influencers like him!

As the fans may also be aware, Daniel has also starred in The Vampire Diaries and Homeland.

After his tweet, the man kept his promise of chatting with the fans more in detail and so he posted a video in which he thanked all of his followers for how supporting they were. In addition, he also opened up about his decision to come out publicly.

Daniel said that he was at the homeless youth center one day when a woman came up to him and thanked him for supporting the LGBTQ community despite the fact that he was straight.

At that point, he told her that he was, in fact, gay and she asked him why he hasn’t come out yet.

"It hit me like a gut punch. It felt like someone knocked the wind out from me."

He finally realized that, as a public person, it’s important to be visible the way you are so that others can feel like they are not alone.

"When you're accomplishing incredible things and you're hiding who you are you're hurting hundreds of millions of people," he added.

Congrats on your wonderful mindset, Daniel Newman! May you keep inspiring people everywhere!


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