The Walking Dead has finished shooting. The end of an era in television

The Walking Dead has finished shooting. The end of an era in television
Credit: bbc

After more than a decade, the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic has officially finished filming. Soon on screens.

The Walking Dead  has come to an end. After twelve years of many ups and downs for AMC's fiction,  Robert Kirkman 's zombies end their time on television. Well, at least they do since the mother fiction that  premiered back in 2010  with a first-time Rick Grimes in the post-apocalyptic world, because it is known that there will be various spin-offs that will expand this universe of the undead, in addition to three feature films starring the aforementioned character  played by Andrew Lincoln .

Fear the Walking Dead  will continue on its way by expanding its seasons. The project that was initially going to narrate the origins of the zombie virus has ended up joining the timeline of  The Walking Dead  and being a replica of it, but with different characters. To this must be added  a Daryl and Carol series Tales of the Walking Dead The Isle of The Dead , and the aforementioned films with Rick Grimes.

There is  a lot of material still to be explored . It is clear that this ending is just a point and aside because the outstanding characters of the series and those that work as a claim will continue to grow and evolve on television with their respective projects. It seems unbelievable, but it's been twelve years since that moment when not reading "  Don't open, dead inside  " became a real challenge.

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