‘The Voice’ Mentor Luke Bryan Opens Up About His Siblings’ Tragic Deaths

‘The Voice’ Mentor Luke Bryan Opens Up About His Siblings’ Tragic Deaths
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Luke Bryan has decided to share how he managed to come to terms with his brother’s tragic death in a new tell-all book!

The 40 years old Bryan revealed that he was just 19 years old when his brother Chris passed away because of a car accident.

According to the star, although the grief was overwhelming, he needed to push through all that pain in order to keep fighting and achieve success.

Of course, the sudden and shocking death “rocked our family’s world, rocked my world,” but it also made him appreciate life and how valuable a dream is.

Therefore, it motivated him to never give up and achieve that dream.

“You’re like, hey you get one go-round at this thing called life and it’s very fragile, so you better go after your dreams,” Bryan explained.

However, his brother was not the only family member the country crooner lost. His sister, Kelly also passed away unexpectedly.

Kelly died back in 2007 and her husband at the time, Ben Lee Cheshire followed her to the grave seven years later.

The late couple’s son, Til has been raised by Luke and his wife Caroline as their own ever since he lost his parents.

The pained star opened up about what it meant to lose his siblings in a 20/20 interview, saying: “My only older siblings … gone from the world, in a flash in two, two different, crazy, tragic manners, that … we’ll never know, and never understand.”

As fans of The Voice already know, Luke is currently a mentor for Team Blake on the singing completion.

What did you think about the country crooner’s tragic past?

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