'The Simpsons' Coming Exclusively To Disney Plus And Fans Are Thrilled

'The Simpsons' Coming Exclusively To Disney Plus And Fans Are Thrilled
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The Simpsons  is coming exclusively to the new streaming platform Disney Plus and fans are thrilled. The new streaming platform launches on November 12, 2019, and the full series will be available for fans immediately. The Simpsons has a huge fan base and is currently on its 30th season. It is also one series that holds the prestigious honor of predicting the future more than a dozen times.

In one episode of The Simpsons , it was predicted that Donald Trump would become president. The show also predicted that Disney would buy 20th Century Fox. When Disney bought 21st Century Fox, 20th Century Fox was included. This is why The Simpsons will be on Disney Plus as Disney owns the rights.

News that The Simpsons was coming to Disney Plus went viral with fans weighing in and sharing their excitement. With a subscription price of $6.99 per month, many fans are weighing in saying that with a lower price than Hulu and Netflix, they think Disney Plus will be a big success.

Fans may have noticed that many of Disney's programs began their exit from Netflix and Amazon Prime yet was found on Hulu. Disney owns part of Hulu but it seems likely that once Disney Plus premieres Hulu may give up their Disney programming and it will appear on Plus.

Hulu is known for playing recent episodes every week so it is unknown if Disney will keep The Simpsons Season 31 on Hulu so people can watch each weekly episode on demand. It seems likely that the show would remain on Hulu, but only time will tell.

Since The Simpsons has moved to Disney, people are hoping that there will be original movies in the future. Some fans are already expressing how much they'd enjoy a Simpsons movie produced by Disney. Though Disney has announced they have original films in the works for Plus, they haven't yet stated they are planning a movie based on The Simpsons .

What do you think about The Simpsons coming exclusively to Disney Plus? Are you a fan of the series? Do you hope Disney makes an original movie based on The Simpsons ?

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