The Showrunner For Fuller House Jeff Franklin Loses His Job Following Complaints

The Showrunner For Fuller House Jeff Franklin Loses His Job Following Complaints
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The creator of Fuller House, Jeff Franklin, has reportedly left the set following accusations of impropriety. Franklin's forced resignation comes at a time when the Netflix series had just been renewed for a fourth season.

Moreover, Warner Brothers TV will not renew a contract deal with the producer. A spokesperson speaking on behalf of the enterprise stated they are "not renewing Jeff Franklin's production deal" and he won't work on the set of the series either.

A rep for Netflix confirmed the exit of Franklin wouldn't have much of an effect on the series and they stated it would continue ahead as planned.

A spokesperson for the streaming service said production would start in the next few months. Reportedly, the accusations against Franklin were unlike those made against other men in Hollywood.

Variety was the first publication to report on the alleged inappropriate behavior of Franklin on the set of the series which supposedly took place in the writer's room and on set.

Franklin's impropriety extended to things such as bringing women he was dating on set, and including them for small parts, making inappropriate comments about his sex life and women, as well as being "verbally abusive" to staffers.

Sources who spoke with Variety claimed he was never accused of touching or assaulting people. His misconduct was typically verbal. As you may know, Franklin's case was just one of many in recent months.

Following the case of Harvey Weinstein, the case which kickstarted the #MeToo movement, a plethora of women have accused men of assault and varying levels of misconduct across several industries including broadcasting and Hollywood. Curiously enough, no one has been formally convicted in a court of law yet.

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