The Shocking Reality Of That Eerie Photo Of Harry Hamlin And His Daughter Delilah Belle

The Shocking Reality Of That Eerie Photo Of Harry Hamlin And His Daughter Delilah Belle
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Recent media attention had focused on the actor and his eldest daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, when a photo from New York Fashion Week was widely criticized as creepy and inappropriate.

In addition, a person acquainted with the circumstances has revealed in an exclusive interview with Page Six that the Rinna family, including the matriarch Lisa Rinna, is outraged by all the disgusting criticism.

Our source reveals that the photographer of the shot in question, Manny Carabel, is terrified and so distressed about fans' reactions and that Carabel was ready to whisper in her ear how proud he is of her.

Carabel is furious that a two-minute series of shot images were edited into appearing to be something they were not and were flipped entirely out of context. He shared this sentiment with us.

The photographer reveals that he was given the task of covering the PRISCAVera spring/summer 2023 catwalk show in Brooklyn during NYFW in September and that Rinna, 59, ended up walking the show.

Carabel claims that he observed Hamlin, 71 years old at the time, seated in a chair when he first came to the location, and he immediately requested if he could take some photographs of the actor. The photog informed us that Hamlin was gracious enough to respond yes.

Carabel claims that he then requested that he may take some pictures of Harry with his daughter Delilah, who is 24 years old, shortly after her arrival. Carabel tells us that Delilah instantly proceeded to strike a stance, if you will because she has a history in modeling. Meanwhile, Harry naively positioned next to her in [a position] he felt would compliment her the best, as any father would.

There was not the slightest hint that [Harry's] actions or behavior were in any way flirty, improper, or anything else that took away from him being a loving father.

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