The Rolling Stones Threaten Lawsuit Against Donald Trump's Campaign For Using Their Songs

The Rolling Stones Threaten Lawsuit Against Donald Trump's Campaign For Using Their Songs
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Donald Trump's campaign organizers are being threatened with a lawsuit once again. The president of the United States has been hit with several cease and desist orders since he first announced he was going to run for the presidency back in 2016.

It's not uncommon for the president to use popular songs from recording artists for many of his rallies and demonstrations. However, the political views of the artists are typically not similar to his own, which winds up causing trouble in the end.

It already happened this month in the case of Tom Petty, whose family released a statement condemning the politician for using one of his songs. 

According to the New York Post, the English rock group, Rolling Stones, just joined the list of performers who threatened legal action against him for using one of their songs. On Sunday, the band's legal team claimed they started working with BMI to stop the president from using their tracks during his re-election campaign.

In a statement, the band claimed that BMI has notified Trump on the behalf of the Stones that he was no longer allowed to use their music. It constituted a breach of the "licensing agreement."

The statement emphasized that if Trump continued playing their music, he would be subject to legal action.

As it was previously reported, the president of the United States used their 1969 song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want," to finish off his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has used their song before, which led to the group complaining about it in 2016 before he was elected president.

Another band to threaten Trump with legal action is Aerosmith, who demanded the politician to stop playing their music. Trump has certainly been an unpopular politician among the entertainment industry and media elite.


When he first started grabbing headlines in 2016 during his campaign trail and then during the Republican nominations, many expressed worry about what was going to happen if he won.

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