The Real's Tamera Mowry Slams Kevin Hart For Cheating On Pregnant Eniko Says "I Wouldn't Stay"

The Real's Tamera Mowry Slams Kevin Hart For Cheating On Pregnant Eniko Says "I Wouldn't Stay"

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the Kevin Hart cheating and extortion scandal. Talk show personality Tamera Mowry spoke frankly about her confusion and irritation with the comedian and told The Real audiences that she'd never stay in a situation like that if her husband cheated on her while she was pregnant.

Kevin and Eniko Hart are expecting their first child together in a few weeks and the buzz around his infidelity is simply not going away. Despite the fact that it seems like the two will work it out and remain a united front despite his digressions.

On a recent episode of The Real , Mowry took Hart to task saying that if it had been her and her husband had cheated while she was pregnant, she would have left. She is quick to say that she isn't passing judgement but as someone who has been pregnant twice, she knows the type of toll it takes on a woman mentally, physically and emotionally.

Mowry goes on to say that Hart should be dotting on and taking care of his wife continuously while she is housing and growing his baby. Mowry also said that if he can't be trusted to stay faithful when his wife is pregnant, he'll pretty much do whatever he wants throughout the course of their marriage.

Mowry says that she wouldn't stay in a situation like that. She finishes her thoughts by saying that no one knows the dynamic of Kevin and Eniko's relationship and only they can make the determination based on what they will both accept and handle.

However, Mowry has a good point. Cheating at all is often seen as dishonest and deplorable, doing so when you just got married, while your wife is heavily pregnant is a really terrible, unforgivable move for many people.

The type of stress that the body goes through in even the healthiest of pregnancies could easily be activated in such an embarrassing and hurtful situation.


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  • toniwo
    toniwo Sep 26, 2017 10:49 AM PDT

    Eniko Hart will not leave her husband because although hurtful, the alleged sidepiece is not a threat to their marriage. The woman is not someone that her husband is in love with. For her, it is an embarrassment, not a threat to the love they share. Think about it, would you throw away your marriage, family and everything you worked for because of a person who clearly had motives and designs to be famous? And on top of that your husband is rich. So no at this time, although hurtful, embarrassing and stressful, Eniko Hart will not leave her husband.

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