The Real Reason Nene Leakes Hired Lisa Bloom

The Real Reason Nene Leakes Hired Lisa Bloom
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Nene Leakes definitely got fans talking when she took to social media to reveal that she has hired celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom. Her good friend Wendy Williams explained on her talk show why the Real Housewives of Atlanta star made the decision.

Nene has been at war with her co-stars, mainly Kenya Moore, for quite some time.

She posted a photo of Lisa alongside a caption that read: 'Happy i now have @lisabloomesq on my team! I’ve stay quiet a long time and gathered info along the way. Now I’m gonna make some noise #waitforit #unfair in confidence go here👉🏾[email protected]'

Many assumed that she was getting ready to go to war with one or more of the Atlanta ladies but it turns out that's not the case -- for now.

Wendy told her audience: 'It’s not about her personal life with her family. It is about the side hustle…whether it’s a wig line, a clothing line, fashion, acting roles, the whole bit. Nene doesn’t know ‘well why was everybody so delightful then all of the sudden I hear nothing.’ So that’s why she hired Lisa to get to the bottom of outside of the housewives and her personal life business and that side hustle.'

Bloom has not really made a name for herself for handling business dealings. With that being said, Nene could have told Wendy something a bit more misleading because the last time she confided in the media mogul -- she ended up making headlines for announcing her departure from RHOA .

Leakes later went on to say that she and Wendy are still friends but she doesn't know who to trust.

'Wendy and I are friends. I have vented to her on many occasions. That particular day, I did not vent to her, I just sent her one text. And then she went out on the couch and started talking. I think that personal private conversations should stay private. I think that anybody should be able to vent to a friend without a friend totally outing them or saying what they said to anyone. I just … it was not a cool thing,' she explained in her Youtube video.

What do you think the truth is?

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