The Real Reason Anna Duggar Was Scared Of Leaving Josh Duggar After His Cheating And Abuse Scandal Revealed!

The Real Reason Anna Duggar Was Scared Of Leaving Josh Duggar After His Cheating And Abuse Scandal Revealed!
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Many fans of 19 Kids & Counting and the spinoff Counting On were shocked when Anna Duggar decided to stay married to Josh Duggar after his molestation and cheating scandals. Before becoming a Duggar, Anna was part of the Keller family who is reportedly even more conservative than the extremely religious Duggars .

In both families, it is taught that divorce is never an option, so was Anna’s decision to stay a result of her not wanting to rebel against her parents?

That definitely could be a part of it. In Touch Weekly is reporting that Anna has several siblings who have gone against their families’ beliefs and gotten divorced. Her sister Rebekah separated from and divorced her husband at the same time as Josh’s scandals. The result was that Anna’s parents, Mike and Suzette, gave the divorced siblings the cold shoulder and it is possible Anna didn’t want to suffer the same fate.

If she had gone through with a divorce, Anna would have had four kids to raise on her own without the help of her parents or Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Anna has no education, except for ATI homeschooling, and has never held a job. Without any contributions from her parents or in-laws, and no Jana Duggar to help with babysitting, it would be difficult for Anna to make ends meet.

An anonymous Reddit user claims Anna did have plans to leave Josh when the scandal first broke, but something happened, and she changed her mind. She instead decided to stay with her husband and help “lead him back to the lord.”

Anna’s older brother Daniel – who is divorced – supported his sister leaving and offered to help in any way he could. On a Jessa Duggar Facebook post about confessing sins, Daniel wrote that there is a “difference between confessing and getting caught.” He went on to write that his parents were preaching for Josh and Anna to stay together, but he was willing to pay for her and her kids to live with him.

But Anna Duggar decided to stay and support her husband through his counseling and rehabilitation. They even went on to have a fifth child together. According to The Hollywood Gossip , Josh is now done with therapy and claims to be cured of his sex and pornography addiction.

Sources tell Cafe Mom that Josh Duggar is doing well and adjusting to life as a father of five.


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