The Real Housewives Franchise May Come Back To Florida!

The Real Housewives Franchise May Come Back To Florida!
Source: BravoTV

According to TMZ, the Real Housewives franchise may be heading back to Florida, but it won't be returning to Miami. In a report from the publication, they stated Bravo has hired casting directors for a new cast-and-crew for the Sunshine State, but they're not entirely sure on the location, as of yet.

Among some of the options include West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Boca Raton. The sites mentioned above are all in talks of being the host of the immensely popular series which recently added Toronto, Canada to its roster.

Fans will remember that Miami initially had a three-season-run, but according to reports, ratings weren't up-to-snuff even though the series produced famous reality stars like Joanna Krupa and Larsa Pippen.

According to the Toronto Star, as for the fate of the production in the largest region in Canada, the director of the franchise claimed they might not produce a second season of the show in the Canadian metropolis.

Although, they may put the series in a different city altogether. He explained, "I thought the first season was enjoyable, but whether we do Toronto again, or maybe even another city, I don't know. We won't bring it back right away in the fall."

The Real Housewives has become, along with the Big Brother franchise, a pinnacle in reality television as it dominates ratings and moves to a new city every year.

The organization marked its first placement in another country with Greece, Athens, in 2011. Not long after, they made their way into Australia as well as Britain. There have been talks of the show heading to Bangkok although nothing has come to fruition yet. However, despite their expansion, the franchise often has horrible reviews, but it's the ratings that count rather than the critics.

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