The Private Labels Of Sheree Whitfield And Shein Are Identical, As Sheree Whitfield Confesses

The Private Labels Of Sheree Whitfield And Shein Are Identical, As Sheree Whitfield Confesses
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Sheree Whitfield defied the predictions of many skeptics by launching her long-awaited clothing line, SHE by Sheree. However, the businesswoman has recently been the target of criticism after customers likened her Trina Two Piece Set to a set sold by the reasonably priced online retailer Shein.

Whitfield expressed her thoughts on the allegations that have been made against both her and the organization she works for in a recent interview with Gibson Johns of In The Know.

I've hired a nice production management team, and they came up with the concept to include some other pieces that, you see, a few other pieces with my unique pieces that will offer various prices with different individuals. I've gotten a wonderful production management team.

Whitfield reiterated that she does not make each item that is produced for her fashion business as she continued to explain more that she does not make every piece. It's not all designed by me, obviously. I don't design caps. I'm not a fashion designer, so all I can say is that both Shein and Cheyenne shop at the same manufacture private label.

Whitfield also voiced concern as to why she has been held to a different degree than everybody else because, according to the 52-year-old, any of these online boutiques, any of these, and a lot of these businesses you go to a lot of designers they have what is called a private label. They don't necessarily design each and every garment in their collection, and some of them don't design any of the garments at all.

Even though Whitfield might not be the only brand that has pursued such a strategy, die-hard admirers who have been waiting for her clothes for the past 14 years have expressed their unhappiness in her response to the query.

One thing you can say about her is that she is going to talk in circles. However, if you plan to continue working with the same supplier, you may consider decreasing your prices.

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