'The Price Is Right' Had A Historic Day And People Are Going Crazy Over It

'The Price Is Right' Had A Historic Day And People Are Going Crazy Over It
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It's Season 46 on the  Price is Right and on Friday, September 22, 2017, history was made. The day celebrated host Drew Carey's tenth anniversary on the show and to mark the joyous occassion, those who spun one dollar on the wheel would have their sums turned ito $10,000. Lo and behold, each of the three contestants who made it to the final round spun the wheel and hit the mark or a combination of 100. Each contestant then won $10,000. But it didn't stop there! There was more excitement and money to be won in the premiere episode.

After the contestants each won $10,000, Drew Carey announced a special bonus round that also had an increased prize. Those who would spin the wheel in the bonus round and land on the 5 or 15 would get an additional $10,000. Those who landed on the dollar mark (100) would get an additional $25,000.

Amazingly, the next two contestants took their turn at the magic wheel, spun, and landed on $1.00. They each won $25,000 which combined with their original wins was $35,000 a piece.

The third contestant spun the wheel but the luck had run out. He didn't get the bonus money, but did have the $10,000. Between the three contestants, they won a combination of $80,000.

You may watch the video clip from The Price is Right below.

Did you watch the Price is Right when history was being made? Many who saw the show live when it aired were downright in shock. The response to the magical moment has been huge. Audience members are reacting via social media networks and some simply can't believe this happened.

Many people feel that this episode will go down as one of the Price is Right's biggest moments in history.

The coincidental timing of the monumental win falling on Drew Carey's tenth anniversary hasn't gone unnoticed. Some are accusing the game show of rigging the wheel; while others point out that $80,000 is a lot to give away in a rigged game.

Not everyone is viewing the event as being fixed. Many think it was just one very lucky day for the Price is Right .

What are your thoughts? Did you watch the amazing episode? Do you think it was a coincidence or rigged?

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