The Opinion Of Fashion Industry Experts On Kanye West's Future Is Split

The Opinion Of Fashion Industry Experts On Kanye West's Future Is Split
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The fashion industry is split on what should happen to "Ye" after he sent models down the runway at Paris Fashion Week wearing White Lives Matter t-shirts and then intimidated a Vogue editor for criticizing the decision.

That concludes this segment. According to Page Six's source in the fashion industry, people were shocked and appalled.

An alternative view holds that no one can ever cancel you if you have enough money. The one thing on which everyone can agree is that the move enraged the audience, including Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who termed the despicable design behavior.

After hearing Karefa-feedback, Johnson's Kanye West took to social media to criticize her sense of style, which infuriated many in the fashion industry, including Gigi Hadid, Supreme's creative director Tremaine Emory, and even Vogue.

The enormous response to Karefa-Johnson, according to a fashion insider who saw Ye's show, shows that the fashion community has already moved on from West, the insider argued.

Given that Gabby is pretty awesome, many people begin to agree with him when he speaks highly of her. They claimed that the t-shirt was no longer a topic of conversation.

After Karefa-Johnson was abused and harassed, Vogue released a statement in her defense. That can't stand... [On Tuesday], she had a one-on-one chat with Ye, during which she bared her soul in her way.

After hearing that Baz Luhrmann, director of Moulin Rouge!, filmed the meeting, Ye claimed that the entire event felt staged. Baz Luhrmann in a music video? F-k off! He oversaw the production of a video featuring Kanye and Gabby, both of whom he intended to degrade. They said this would eventually lead to an increase in advertising, revenue, pageviews, and clicks.

According to the first source, Vogue was compelled to reply by the widespread support for Karefa-Johnson inside the industry. West's collection, minus the "White Lives Matter" tees, is still featured on Vogue's website. A representative from the publication declined to respond.

However, our second insider insists that the Yeezy show will go on, comparing the situation to previous fashion scandals involving Dolce & Gabbana.


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